Thursday, November 13, 2008

Upcoming Performance Nov. 22 to be rescheduled

The Jitters appearance is delayed. More news as it breaks

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Heave Away, Haul Away...

A postcard from McGinley's. We howled like banshees and rocked like a dory in a full-force gale. But people seemed to enjoy it anyway. We played way past our 11:30 advertised finishing time. People pleaded for more, and preyed on our greed by dropping 20's in the tip jar.

Will post photos later, we expect to have some decent ones courtesy of a friend of the band.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Whiskeyjacks advance crew prepares for McGinley's Concert

Photos above (Top) Sound check, Bruce puts the system through its paces before a lonesome-looking collection of empty booths. (Middle) Bruce works on our gear while that other Bruce drifts from the house system. And finally a shot of our road crew, without whom we couldn't bring you all the magic of Whiskeyjacks.

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The Whiskeyjacks advance team readies the venue for a rocking. We bolted chairs and tables to the floor, taped the windows, and Bruce even sparred a few rounds with the bouncers to be sure they were capable enough to deal with typical audience members whipped into a frenzy.

On our way out two guys having a late lunch asked if we were playing tonight. They were disappointed when they learned we would not be on until the weekend. They explained that the band that they were in would be out of town. Bruce asked what band they played with. Answer: Asleep at the Wheel! It was fiddler Jason Roberts and pedal steel and sax man Eddie Rivers. We heaped praise on them and then beat it out the door before they asked us to show them any licks.